Stop tearing up your hands. Exercise is fun, but suffering from callouses and blisters is not. These aliments can make it hard to do work or practice other hobbies.

If your hands are injured you aren’t going to be as efficient at your job. Whether you’re doing manual labor or sitting behind a desk, the pain can keep you distracted. It can also make it hard to do physical activities, like turning a wrench or typing on a keyboard.

Fortunately, there is a solution. WOD Grips protect your hands while still allowing you to maximize your workouts. Whether you’re a serious powerlifter, hardcore CrossFitter, or just someone who wants to get into better shape, these grips will help.

Quality WOD Grips, sometimes called gymnastics grips, will keep your hands safe without taking anything away from your workout. Getting a good pair of these will allow you to train as hard as you want, without suffering from painful blisters.

Below is a compete guide to these grips. You’ll learn everything about them, how you can benefit, and which brands will be best for you.

Our Recommended Top 10 WOD Grips

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips

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Bear KompleX

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Gymnastics, Crossfit, Pull up, Weight Training, Chin up
Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

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Crossfit, Weight Training, Powerlifting
Gymnastics Grips/Crossfit Gloves

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Gymnastics, Crossfit, Weight Training
Reisport Grips

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Gymnastics, Crossfit, Pull up, Weight Training, Chin up
Gibson Grips

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Gymnastics, Crossfit
ViperSportsWear Wod Grips

Gymnastics, Crossfit
ViperSportsWear Wod Grips

Crossfit, Pull Up, Chin Up, Power lifting, Weight Training, Gymnastics
ViperSportsWear Wod Grips

ViperSportsWear Wod Grips

Top 10 Gymnastic Grips Reviews

Finding a good pair of grips can be tough. In fact, it can feel downright overwhelming. Fortunately, there are plenty of great brands to choose from. You have options. Below you can see our reviews of 10 great grips. This should help you to find exactly what you need.

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips Review

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips

These grips were made for CrossFitters. In addition to just protecting your palms, WODies 2in1 WOD Grips also provide you with wrist support. You get double the protection this way.

When you are lifting weights and doing workouts like CrossFit, you need to protect both your palms and your wrists. And this piece of equipment gives you both. The palms are shielded by woven elastic that absorbs friction and prevents it from causing injury. And the allows you to lift without endangering yourself to sprains or other injuries.

In addition, WODies 2in1 WOD Grips are made in America and crafted to the highest caliber possible. You get the protection you need at a price you can afford. These gloves are fairly inexpensive for what they are and they’ll provide you with immense levels of protection.

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Bear KompleX Review

Bear KompleX

The manufacture bills these as “the best CrossFit grips on the planet.” That’s a big brag. While there are other great brands out there, these are actually impressive. Bear KompleX grips use an incredibly simple design that’s been mixed with some high tech innovation to create some truly fantastic protective gear.

These grips make use of triple stitched leather that reduces friction, eliminates slippage, and provides maximum protection from injury. The Bear KompleX grips are also fitted with either two or threee finger holes, depending on your preference. This enables you to protect your hands without having the grips dig into your palms or wrists. It’s a nice little feature and one that definitely increases your comfort level.

When you’re looking for cutting edge safety technology, these are the grips for you.

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Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support Review

Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

These gloves are, as the name implies, made for multiple different activities. You can take this pair of grips and cross it over to use in any training session.

Unlike some of the other grips on this list, Cross Training Gloves use a traditional wrist support system. This is made from a combination of leather and silicone, providing quite a bit of extra padding and protection. On top of it all, the wrist supports are made to be thick, keeping you safe from sprains while you lift weights.

Even though the padding and support is plentiful, it never leads to discomfort. These grips have been built to be as ergonomic as possible. They even use anti-sweat materials to keep your hands dry as you workout.

These are great all around gloves that you can use in almost any circumstance. Whether you’re bodybuilding, swinging kettlebells, or or doing pull ups, you’ll be kept safe.

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Gymnastics Grips/Crossfit Gloves Review

Gymnastics Grips and Crossfit Gloves

This is another set of multipurpose grips. You can use them for CrossFit, traditional weight training, and gymnastics. Using a combination of old and new technology, these Gymnastics Grips/Crossfit Gloves are sure to keep you safe.

This grip set makes use of both wrist supports and finger holes. This makes them more stable and comfortable when you wear them. Additionally, the wrist strap can be adjusted however you want it. This means you can customize your comfort and get that perfect fit.

The palm guards themselves are also well designed. They use a thick layer of padding and have a rigid design that keeps your hands shielded as you workout. The material itself is double stitched elastic that has been specially woven to provide the most comfort possible.

A lot of care has gone into making these Gymnastics Grips/Crossfit Gloves. If you’re looking for a good pair of multipurpose grips, this is a good choice.

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Reisport Grips Review

Reisport Grips

These are high end gymnastic grips that you’d expect to find seasoned athletes wearing. They provide a lot of protection and are built to survive nonstop constant abuse. A professional or college level athlete wearing these would be using them almost every single day. And sometimes for hours on end. While other grips couldn’t stand this kind of use, Reisport Grips are unaffected.

These are the most popular grips of their kind. In fact, they’re sold all over the world and popular in almost every country. Once you try them out it’s easy to see why.

Reisport Grips last an incredibly long time. They are crafted from sewn dowel and use Velcro straps to stay on your wrists. Despite this seemingly simple design, the grips are insanely durable. You can use them day in and day out without any issues. And you can train as hard as you want without ever needing to worry about your grips getting damaged.

When you want longevity you’ll want a pair of Reisport Grips.

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Gibson Grips Review

Gibson Grips

Gibson Grips are specifically made for female athletes. Constructed out of high quality leather and built in the United States, these grips are targeted towards women gymnasts. Although the company calls them beginner’s grips, these are actually useful to women of every skill level.

Each pair of Gibson Grips is made from thick leather and equipped with a single buckle clasp that fastens them to the wearer’s wrist. There are two figure holes, and both of them have been designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Although the design is fairly straightforward, Gibson Grips offer unparalleled protection. They are easy to break in and have plenty of padding. Perfect for defending your hands from friction burns and tears.

Female athletes who want a fantastic set of grips will love these. They offer quality protection and amazing comfort.

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Bailie Grips Review

Bailie grips

This is another great set of grips that are formulated for women who want to preform advanced gymnastic exercises. Designed for use with uneven bars and other tough equipment, Bailie Grips are best know for offering amazing support and stability.

The double buckle feature provides your wrists with additional support as you exercise. And the padding eliminates friction. Plus, the break in time is pretty short.

These are excellent grips that do a good job protecting your hands and supporting your wrists. If you’re looking for grips that give you additional wrist support, be sure to check these ones out.

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Ten O Gymnastics Grips Review

Ten O Gymnastics Grips

Many athletes are familiar with Ten O and their products. The company’s slogan is “where gymnasts come first,” and their products definitely reflect this. The company has been around since 1978 and they’ve consistently put out excellent products.

Their grips are all produced on a small scale, allowing a lot of personal care to go into each and every pair. This is a company run by people with a passion for gymnastics. When you use their products you’re getting equipment that’s been designed by someone who has the same level of passion as you.

Ten O Gymnastics Grips are easy to break in, crafted from high quality materials, and easy to use. They’re incredibly comfortable and allow you practice your routines safely and without having to worry about getting injured.

When you want grips that have been made with detail and care, you need to order from Ten O Gymnastics. The company loves putting out great products and they’ve been working hard to keep you safe since the 1970’s.

ViperSportsWear Wod Grips Review

Wod Grips by ViperSportsWear

These grips have been specially designed to keep your hands safe during even the most stressful of exercises. High repetition pull ups, kettlebell swings, and other tough activities are no mach. Additionally, you’ll be able to grip bars and handles much more effectively. This lets you workout for longer without your hands slipping and letting go.

ViperSportsWear Wod Gripsare crafted from high quality leather that has been textured to reduce friction. The grips are also made to be comfortable, with a simple hook-and-loop design that makes them easy to wear. Finally, this product is easy to store at home or in your gym bag. It comes with a carrying case so that you can keep your grips in a convenient place at all times.

The ViperSportsWear Wod Grips are well made and utilize a simple but comfortable design. If you are looking for good protection without a whole lot of bells and whistles, these are definitely for you.

Ginnasta Grips Review

Ginnasta Grips

These grips are made for female athletes who operate on an advanced level. If you are an elite level woman, you’re going to love what Ginnasta Grips have to offer.

The first thing you’ll notice about these grips is how quickly they’ll adjust to your needs. Ginnasta boasts an incredible break in time of only 30 minutes. That’s practically unheard of with safety gear, especially since many other grips can take hours before they’ve finally adjusted.

Another great feature is the set’s reliability. Ginnasta Grips don’t stretch out or warp from constant use. Instead they stand strong and keep you safe. No matter what the circumstances are. The leather and dowel design is highly resilient and is always pliable enough to stay comfortable.

If you’re working out on uneven bars, or doing advanced gymnastics, you really should pick up a pair of Ginnasta Grips. They offer outstanding protection and are always ready to meet your needs.

What Are WOD Grips (Also Known As Gymnastics Grips)?

What Are WOD Grips (Also Known As Gymnastics Grips)?Many professional athletes use grips when they lift weights, do pull ups, or workout on high bars and still rings. They use grips because it allows them to reduce friction as they exercise. This makes it harder to develop blisters and eliminates the risk of having their hands tear open.

The majority of grips consist of a special strap that protects the wearer’s palms. Some grips offer addition protection, like covering the majority of the wearer’s fingers, but shielding the palms is their main goal. This is the most sensitive area on your hand, and the one that is most prone to getting blisters and cuts.

Grips can also help you to hold on to objects for longer. If you’re doing pull ups, working with rings, or lifting a bar, they’ll make it easier to grasp. This is a nice little bonus feature that can help you train more.

Gymnastics Grips are a great piece of protective gear. High level athletes use it to preserve their palms. The grips cut down on friction, making it harder to get injured or develop painful callouses.

Using WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips - Cross Training , Pull Ups, Power lifting, Gymnastics


Where Are Gymnastics Grips Used?

Where Are Gymnastics Grips Used?Although the name makes them sound like a specialty item, gymnastic grips are actually used in a wide variety of different fitness routines. You can use them with almost any exercise where you will have to clutch a bar or ring. This could be weightlifting, CrossFit, or actual gymnastics.

Additionally, these grips are allowed in almost any gym. Because they are safety equipment, you can wear them at most places. Unlike other sportswear, like certain types of shoes or boxing gloves, these grips are acceptable at the vast majority of gyms.

Wherever you plan on doing your workout, you can use these. If your exercise involves gripping a bar or holding on to still rings, your hands will be protected. It doesn’t matter if you are dead lifting weights or doing pull ups.

While gymnastic grips can be used anyway, below are a few of the most common activities where you’ll see them being worn. This is because hurting your hands is incredibly common in these situations. And protective grips can help prevent these injuries from ever happening.

WOD Grips For CrossFit

 WOD Grips For CrossFitCrossFitters know the importance of shielding their hands. Because of the wide range of exercises they perform, these athletes need dexterity and strength. Hurt hands make it hard to hold on to weights or work with other exercise equipment. And this can lead to poor gym performance or additional accidents.

CrossFit hand grips have to be versatile. Athletes have so many different exercises to choose from that their grips have to cover all the bases. One minute you might be lifting weights and the next you could be doing pull ups. Your grips need to protect you in every situation you throw them into.

On top of this, CrossFit grips still have to offer top notch safety. No one wants crummy gloves that only offer a little bit of protection. This means that your grips have to protect you while lifting and working on body weight bar exercises like pull ups and dips.

A good idea when shopping around is to look at bar grips. These are specially designed to be used by gymnasts, and they can keep you safe while you do your pull ups and other body weight exercises. A good pair of pull up grips for CrossFit are essential. Most of the program’s workouts involve doing pull ups anyway. Do the smart thing and keep your hands from getting hurt.

WOD Grips For CrossFitIf you want some good brand recommendations, WODies Gloves are some of the best hand grips for CrossFit enthusiasts. WOD gloves are designed by a dedicated team of fitness buffs. The creators are big into CrossFit, martial arts, football, and numerous other activities as well. And their expertise shines through on the way they’ve designed their WOD hand grips.

WODies grips go above and beyond the call of duty. They’re gymnastic grips for CrossFit that let you maximize your workouts without the fear of developing painful sores and blisters. You can use them in virtually any situation and still avoid injury. Lifting or doing body weight exercises will all be covered by WODies 2in1 WOD grips design.

Lastly, these grips for CrossFit can help people who are already suffering from callouses, tears, and blisters. If your hands are already hurting, there is hope. Simply wear a pair of CrossFit gymnastic grips while you exercise. They’ll reduce the friction you experience, giving you plenty of time to heal and recover. All without you ever having to miss a workout.

Gymnastic Grips

This protection is probably most famous with gymnasts. In fact, this is the sport where gymnastic grips originally got their name. That’s because this activity is brutal on your hands. Many trainees end up with bloody palms, friction burns, giant blisters, open sores, and all kinds of other nasty aliments.

Gymnastic GripsIn the world of gymnastics you either protect your hands or suffer from grueling and painful injuries. There are no other options. Fortunately, getting proper protection is easy. There are plenty of cheap gymnastic grips that can keep your palms safe.

Keeping you safe isn’t the only thing these will do either. Gymnastics hand grips are also great for letting you hold on to the bar or rings for a longer amount of time. Your hands aren’t going to get sweaty and you won’t slip as long as you’re wearing these. Gymnastics grips for bars are especially useful since they give you the ability to really cling on. This is especially useful if you’re a beginner since it gives you one less thing to worry about.

Gymnastics gloves come in a wide variety of styles. There are gymnastics grips for girls, gymnastics palm grips, beginner gymnastics grips, and a million other variations. No matter who you are and what your still level is, there’s something out there that can help.

As a rule of thumb, the gymnastic bar grips are designed to take a lot more stress than your regular protective gloves. These also have a unique style that’s very different from what you’ll see elsewhere. This is because bar grips for gymnastics are in use for longer.

When you’re hanging from a bar or still rings, you’re constantly putting pressure on your hands. This is a little different from weight lifting or CrossFit where you’re often only working with a bar for short increments.

If you are looking for the best gymnastic grips around, this guide has you covered. There’s a review section further down where you can see all the best brands and options. You’ll also get some tips on where to find gymnastics grips for sale at the lowest prices possible.

Weight Training

If you are a weight lifter, or know somebody who is, you’re probably aware of what pumping iron does to your hands. After a few weeks in the gym your palms become calloused and coated in blisters. Because of this, it’s a good idea to invest in a set of weight lifting grips.

lifting grips

Since pumping iron puts an immense strain on your hands, you’d be smart to start wearing lifting grips. These are padded to protect your palms and many pairs have additional wrist support. The extra reinforcing along your wrists is great for preventing sprains or sore joints. If you plan on doing complex lifts like cleans, this is a good way to keep yourself from getting hurt.

While wrist wraps for lifting are important too, the built in support that many weight lifting hand grips have is a little more stable. It’s attached to the rest of the grip, helping to distribute the weight better. Plus you get two great safety features in one piece of equipment.

Weight training grips are also fairly versatile. While gymnastic grips are almost exclusively for bar work, these can be used in all sorts of situations. Many exercise hand grips are multipurpose. You can use them for standard lifting or for CrossFit and other activities. There are a lot of options depending on what types of workouts you’re interested in doing.

Lastly, there are different weight lifting grips for specific routines. You can buy ones with extra thick grip pads, or ones that have anti-sweat fabric installed. You have a lot of different choices and there’s always something for every type of lifter. They even make grips for kettlebell users and high rep bodybuilders.

If you’re curious to know about the best lifting grips, there’s a full review further along in this guide. You can find out exactly what your options are and how each pair can benefit you.

Gym, Fitness, And Workout Grips

Gym, Fitness, And Workout GripsThese are all around general purpose grips that are good for almost any activity. You can throw them in your gym bag and bring them with you whenever you’re going to go workout. There are a lot of different exercises that are tough on your hands. If you’re lifting weights or trying to get in shape there’s a good chance that you’ll o some of these routines.

Workout grips are the perfect protection for anyone who wants to shield their hands from friction burns and callouses. Even though a lot of attention is placed on using these for high level training, they can actually help anyone. Even people who only exercise a few times a week will still find these to be useful. Your hands are a lot more sensitive than you might realize. All it takes is one wrong move and you’ll be hurting.

Carrying a set of gym grips with you isn’t a bad idea. You can use them with exercises like dead lifts, cleans, and pull ups. They’ll spare your hands from some abuse and allow them to recover faster. Even if you’re only a casual gym goes, these can still be useful.

Investing a couple bucks into your own pair of fitness grips is a smart choice.

Pull Up Grips

Pull Up GripsPull ups are a great way to get in shape. Military personal, convicts, and fighters all use pull ups to build muscle and increase their strength. Even if you don’t have access to traditional exercise equipment, like a gym, you can still get in shape by doing pull ups.

Although pull ups are great for sculpting a nice physique, they can do a real number on your hands. If you aren’t careful, this exercise can tear your palms up and leave you wincing in pain. To stay safe you should always use a pair of pull up gloves.

Pull up grips are a great way to reduce tearing or injury. They’ll also allow you to hold on to the bar for longer, giving you a chance to get more out of every set. When you use hand grips for pull ups you don’t have to worry chewing up your palms or losing your grasp on the bar.

Play it safe and wear a pair of pull up hand grips. It’s always better to preserve your hands than to put them under unnecessary stress.

Lastly, in the review section of this guide you’ll find recommendations for the best pull up grips. This can help you to find to find the protection you need.

Factors & Features To Consider When Buying Hand Grips

Before you pick out a pair of grips, there are a few things that you might want to consider. Below is a complete list of different buying factors to think about. Figure out which ones are important to you and make your decision based off of them.


There are great grips available at almost every price range. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to pay an arm and a leg just to stay safe. Find something that’s in your budget and use that. This way you can get high quality protection without having to break the bank in terms of spending.


Are your grips built to last? Don’t buy safety gear that is poorly made. Otherwise it will fall apart or get damaged. Instead, look for quality grips that are tough enough to handle plenty of usage. If you’re going to workout at least a couple times each week, you need something with longevity. Invest in long lasting safety equipment.


You are going to be wearing your grips while you exercise. Depending on your routine this might mean that you’ll have this gear on for at least an hour. Make sure that you like the way it feels. Uncomfortable grips are going to distract you and make your workout less effective. You wouldn’t wear pants that cause discomfort, so why wear protective gear that feels irritating?


A pair of grips isn’t much good if it can’t keep your hands safe. Make sure that the set you pick offers proper padding and is capable of shielding your hands. Otherwise there’s literally no point in wearing them.

Where Can You Get Gymnastics Grips?

Many sporting goods stores stock WOD Grips. You can find them at almost any big retailer that sells fitness equipment. And many weightlifting supplement shops carry them too.

While all of these places are alright to shop at, none of them hold a candle to their online counterparts. Manufacture sites and both stock a huge selection of different grips. Each one has a far bigger, and better, selection than your local rinky-dink sports shop. And online retailers have a few other neat options as well.

Ordering from the manufacturer usually comes with special perks like free delivery, discounts on future purchases, or even a lifetime warranty. Ordering from Amazon ensures that you get the lowest price possible. The site will match any other retailer and frequently runs its own special discounts.

If you want to save money on your purchases, buy online. You’re guaranteed to get a great price.

Making The Decision

Making The DecisionCallouses aren’t fun. And neither are blisters. Both can be painful and limit what you can and can’t do. Yet many weightlifters, bodybuilders, and CrossFit enthusiasts accidentally assume that bad hands are inevitable. In fact, this belief is so ingrained in most people that they never even bother looking for alternatives.

But now you know the truth. Something most people will never find out. And you can use this information to take action, solving this problem once and for all.

As you sit here reading, think about whether or not you really want to hurt your hands. Are callouses and blisters holding you back from anything? Is the rough and raw on your palms making it tough to work? Or is the constant throbbing pain distracting? There’s a good chance that you could be affected by all three issues.

You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Now you have options. With WOD Grips you can protect your hands while still enjoying your workout. You can get the most out of your exercises without having to damage your hands.

Don’t fall for the same mistake as everyone else. Protecting your hands is possible. Make the smart choice. Invest in a set of WOD Grips today. You’ll be glad you did and your body will thank you.