Why Is Rowing An Excellent Cross Fit Exercise?

Do you want to lose weight, tone up or improve your flexibility? Luckily for you, there is a Cross Fit exercise technique that can deliver all the above benefits with just a little effort. The incredible rowing excise is unlike any other excises technique you have come across. Why? You ask. Well, this is one exercise that provides a workout for your whole body, from your legs, arms, back, chest, abs and goes even further to touch some muscles you didn’t know you had.

This unique fitness technique simulates the rowing of a watercraft. Rowing will cater to your needs at any level of expertise, be it you are a beginner or an expert. It has lots of variations totaling to about 60 possible exercises that will not only help your entire body but also work on keeping things a little more interesting and spicy.

If you are still not convinced here are the reason why rowing is a crucial CrossFit exercise.

1. Full-body exercise

Only few exercise techniques promise a full body workout and deliver. Rowing is one of those exercises that do offer a full body workout. But how? Well, when working out with a rowing machine, you will require effort from both your upper and lower body where most of the major muscles are located. It works on elevating your heart rate for a tough workout. The good news is that there is no set pace. You can regulate it to suit your level of expertise. The end product is a full-body workout.

2. Efficient Calorie burning

If you are told that rowing is done while sited then you will be skeptical about the fact that it is efficient in burning calories. Well, if that’s the case then prepare for a surprise. As aforementioned, rowing involves entire body workout. This metabolically challenging exercise enables you to burn calories in less time than any regular exercise.

Another point to take home is that you are always in control of the needs and challenges of rowing excises. Therefore, anyone is at liberty to attempt whichever their level of strength and endurance.

3. Low Impact

When you are doing your routine workout, you have to be careful not to choose ones that will be a threat to your joints. Rowing does not require extreme mobility or jarring impact on your joints. It is, therefore, an excellent option for midlives or people who are unable to bear weight exercise. This extremely safe and tasking exercise can be undertaken by anyone looking for excellent cardiovascular and high endurance exercise. To make things even better, it moves your joint through a range of motion that may prove to be very beneficial for your joint health. However. you may want to grab some grips.

4. Serious aerobic workout

If you are looking for a way to reap full cardiovascular benefits from your sweat, then all you need is a rowing workout. This thorough exercise will get your heart pumping fast, and your breathing will get hard. This means that your oxygen intake will skyrocket and there is much good to be experienced from an increased oxygen level in your body; serious aerobic workout.

5. Affordable rowing machine

Thinking that you will need to rob a bank to enjoy the benefits of a rowing excise, then you couldn’t be more wrong. With a few hundred bucks you will be able to get a high-quality rowing machine that will serve you for a lifetime. If you were to compare this with other exercising machines, you would realize that a rowing machine is much more affordable. The most compelling fact is that it will offer you so many benefits that could only be achieved by the hustle and bustle of a regularly paid gym membership.


The benefits of rowing exercise are countless. You would be hard-pressed to find a Cross fit exercise that is better than rowing. Seeing that it may be quiet taxing to find a boat to row regularly then you have to agree that indoor rowing is a much better option. Apart from being able to regulate the pace of the machine to fit your needs, you are also in a position to dictate the environment that suits you. This way, you are able to achieve your fitness goals at your own pace and liking.