Best Gym Equipment for Women

It can be argued that home gyms are particularly suited for women (and many men) due to the reduced set of equipment needed or desired. Certainly, not always the case but it is commonly true due to differing objectives. For that reason, today we’re showing you the best gym equipment for women to have at home or in a garage gym.


gym equipment for women

First off, a lot of you might be wondering whether it is sensible to invest in a home gym (in your garage or someplace else around the home) or just contend yourself with hitting a local gym any number of days in the week. However, local gyms often aren’t really “local”, if you know what I mean, and can be a real pain in the knee. Let me explain.

While it can be argued that taking a long walk to the gym can be healthy, it also means your gym time is effectively doubled, which is not a luxury many people can afford. The gym in your area is probably not within walking distance of your home anyways, and you have to either drive there and back, or use public transportation. Needless to say, this can lead to a whole set of delays: traffic jams, stuffed busses or trains can make you wait for the next one, which eats in your time to do gym work. Bad, bad, bad. Furthermore, you need to carry a bag with clothes and a set of gym items, and waste even more time changing from your street clothes to your gym clothes, and after you’re done back again. More time wasted.

But that’s not even the worst. Logically, most people hit the gym the same time as you, so there’s even more waiting for the other people to finish using your station or machine. Then, once you finally get your turn, there’s people waiting for you to finish faster. Needless to say, this is neither comfortable nor pleasant. To top it off, there’s also the question of questionable hygiene. It’s not difficult to get a rash or pick up an infection from places with high concentration of people, like gyms. In fact it’s the likeliest of places, because people breathe intensely all the time and bodily fluids abound. And they charge you for it.

Feeling icky yet? Good! You can avoid all that circus by exercising at home, in your custom-made, uncrowded, quiet, pleasantly smelling, super-close-by home gym. This way, you can be more focused, more relaxed, and even blasting your favorite song while you’re training. Plus, all numbers factored in, having a home gym is much cheaper. You don’t pay a monthly fee, gas, nor those public transport tickets. You pay once, and only for the equipment you like. So let’s get on with it, and cover the best gym equipment for you ladies.


gym equipment for women

Before we move to the gym equipment proper, there are some items that are necessary before you begin equipping your garage gym. First off, you’ll need a nice home gym flooring. Anything is better than a cold, hard floor, and you wouldn’t want your soft carpet to be ruined with you jumping on it, putting heavy gym equipment or machines on it, and so on. So, for starters, you could get yourself a fitness matt, or lately also known by the more popular name of a yoga matt. Just roll it out and get down – you can do sit ups, push-ups, crunches – you name it. Later down the line, you may want to invest in a home gym flooring, and these come in a variety of materials: EVA foam, cork, virgin rubber tiles or even rubber horse stall matts. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, grab a matt, put on your gym clothes, and let’s dance!



gym equipment for women

This is almost a household item. But, if you don’t have a jumping rope in your household, now is the time to buy one. But this time you’re gonna use it. That’s right… Because jump rope is one of the cheapest, but most useful training item in the history of mankind. It works all of your body – your palms get tougher as you hold and maneuver the rope. Your hands are active all the time, shedding fatty tissue and ripping your muscles over time. Your shoulders, chest and back muscles are also permanently active. Your abdominal muscle are keeping close watch and buffering those jumps as well, and let’s not even mention the obvious advantages to the legs. Simply said, jump rope is a must. Get one now, and don’t hesitate to use it frequently. Of course, you’ll need a soft floor if you don’t want to injure your feet, ankles or knees. Take care of that and you’re all set, bunny!


gym equipment for women

It’s large, soft and round. And light. What more can you ask for? Gym balls totally deserve their popularity. They’re easy to manipulate around the house, and can be used in an endless variety of exercises, benefiting almost every muscle group in the body. Another positive side is that usually they’re also very affordable. But that’s not the main point. The main point is that gym balls can help you stretch your back, work both your leg and hand muscles, as well as chisel your belly to goddess level smoothness. Definitely a useful, healthy item. Should be part of every home gym.


gym equipment for women

Medicine balls are gym ball’s older, uglier cousins. Oops, I meant smaller, heavier cousins. Think a very heavy, round dwarf. That’s what a medicine ball is. Unruly, heavy, difficult to maneuver, difficult to throw. Dangerous to drop! But still very, very useful. Obviously, because it’s heavier, so working with it and moving it around strains your muscles more, and requires more effort. Second obvious cue is the name – it’s not called medicine ball for nothing! It’s because it was used as a “medicine” of sorts. As a device of exercise that improved your health. That still holds true today. As the forgotten saying goes, an exercise with the medicine ball a day keeps the doctor away.


gym equipment for women

All right. We’re progressing here, as I hope you’ve noticed. Jumping rope leads to gym ball exercise. Gym ball exercise leads to medicine ball exercise. Mastering medicine ball exercising, naturally, leads to some more focused weight-lifting work at home. You’ll need some dumbbells in your home gym for this. And the good news is, there’s a very large selection of dumbbells on the market right now. You can choose to buy a single one, or a set of dumbbells, different in size, shape and color, or identical. Or, there’s even dumbbells which boast very stylistic, artistic, fashionista designs. There’s truly a great choice, but whichever you pick, your hands will thank you, because of the great, focused exercise they offer.


gym equipment for women

After all that work with the dumbbells and the medicine ball, you’re probably in a good shape to try yourself at some pull-ups. Now, the question presents itself – what to grab on to actually do pull ups? This being a home gym, or a garage gym, chances are you don’t actually have a feature around your home that is both handy to grab, hang on and pull up to, and that can sustain your weight and the strength you’ll exert on it. (If you do have something like this, maybe a good old sturdy pipe going through the walls, more power to you!) So your best bet is purchasing one, and again, there’s a variety of pull-up bars available. Whichever you choose however, take care to install it correctly and in the proper place around the house. You don’t want your pull-up bar giving way in the middle of an exercise, slamming you down to the floor, striking you on your head and tearing half the ceiling/wall away with it. So, caution! But the hassle is worth it – along with a great mirror in your home gym, seeing yourself doing pull-ups is such a badass thing!


gym equipment for women

Finally, if you’ve reached the point where you need a high intensity training machine or station in your home, I personally thing you should go for a rowing machine. Let me explain why. First, a rower activates by far the largest number of muscles in your body. Both the lower body and the legs are intensely active, as well as the abdomen and the upper body – the arms, shoulders and chest are working overtime. A treadmill isn’t such a useful option, because you are free to go outside for a walk at any time. You don’t need a dedicated gym device to do some running, jogging or walking. You can do that on your own in the park. It’s the same deal with elliptical machines and exercise bikes – you can do those outside of your home gym. But, if you’re looking for a high-intensity training addition to your gym, a rowing machine is the way to go. You won’t regret it.