Benefits Of Having Mirrors In Your Home Gym

The thing about working out is that many people feel like they have really done it if they do it in front of a mirror. There is something about looking at your own image while pumping up your muscle that adds a motivating presence. There is also the other lot that doesn’t really care whether they have a mirror in their home gym or not. Such people are okay using their own thoughts in the process other than looking themselves in the eye while they workout.

mirror for your home gym

There is more to adding mirrors to your home gym than meets the eye. Beyond the motivation and the narcissism, here are some reasons you may really want to have mirrors in the gym;

Reasons To Have A Gym Mirror

  • Perfecting the technique

While it is important to see how awesome you look while working out, it is also important to see whether you are doing it right. When attempting to master a given workout technique, you always want to know that you are doing it right. When done well, a new technique can be just what you want to achieve your fitness goals. A well-done technique also prevents injuries. When using a home gym, you may not have the luxury of having people to correct you when you are not doing something correctly. Having a mirror will help you to see what exactly you are doing and if there is a need for correction.

  • Light up the place

Mirrors reflect and disperse light. This increases the amount of light that is present in your gym. Working out in a dimly lit room is very depressing. Light has a way of instilling a positive attitude and mindset. When your home gym is well lit, you will have a positive attitude from a pleasant atmosphere to workout in.

When dispersing light, mirrors will help you maintain a well-lit space using little light. This will help in saving electricity bills without compromising on the quality of the atmosphere of the gym.

  • Aesthetic value

Mirrors add aesthetic value to a room. Mirrors could just be what you need to bring your idea of a perfect home gym into reality. Mirrors can transform the concrete walls and floors into a workout room you would always want.

Mirrors make good aesthetics because they are not only practical and functional, they are also easy to clean and maintain a contemporary environment. Several mirrors will achieve an inexpensive finish to your home gym. You can either choose a minimalist affair for the price or buy something elegant and fancy that would make your home gym to look like something you would need thousands of dollars in membership fees to visit.

  • Mirror as your workout companion

Workouts are not an easy thing to do. It goes without saying that knowing someone else is present and watching may do you more good than a feeling of loneliness. Even if the person staring back at you is your own image, you can use that “presence” creatively. Think of the image in the mirror as an admirer who likes what you are doing and you will have fun and motivation while working out.

What to consider when choosing a mirror for your home gym

  • Safety

Gym mirrors should enhance safety. There are mirrors that are glassless and shatterproof. With all the heavy stuff being used in the gym, you want a mirror that can withstand impact in the event it is hit.

  • Clarity

You want a mirror that is clear and accurate. There are some mirrors that have a bigger refractive index and will give a false impression through the image they reflect.

  • Extra features

There are mirrors that come with a lot of extra features and don’t distort the image. They are fitted with energy saving LED lights around them which is good for providing the extra lighting in your workout space. Look for mirrors that have installation kits like mirror glue, mirror clips, mounting screws and J channels.

  • Weight and size

You are better off with mirrors that cover large surfaces of your home gym wall. This way, you have good use of space and ease of bringing the aesthetic value into space.

Final word

While it is debatable whether or not to have mirrors in your home gym, my position is that you are better off with several of them. Getting a mirror for your gym is about functionality and practicality than it is a façade.