JhonHello fellow fitness enthusiasts! My name is Jhon, I am originally from the Mexico but live in California now. I have always been active in amateur basketball and softball, but several years ago I decided to focus on bodybuilding. I got a gym membership but eventually felt that the local gym was actually hindering my personal bodybuilding goals.

It was nearly impossible to execute my workout routines in the order I wanted at the pace I wanted.

Typically, I start with my heaviest compound lift and work from there. At the public gym, I often had to wait for the power rack, the press bench and so on. The waiting time exceeded the workout time and I found it difficult to sufficiently warm up. The worst of it was waiting for the people taking Facebook selfies of themselves doing squats!

Equipment is usually free before and after work, but I have a day job like most people, which limits when I can get to the gym. I found other disadvantage to using the local gym too:

• People who do not wipe off their sweat from equipment
• Lots of distractions to break my concentration
• The time and money to travel to and from the gym
• Gyms that ban chalk
• Listening to the local pop radio station blaring over the speakers
• Ever-increasing gym dues

All these reasons contributed to my decision to build my own home gym.

I began small with a barbell, weights and a power rack. Over the years, I’ve invested less than my gym dues into acquiring more equipment. I now have a well-equipped gym, I take my workouts more often, enjoy them more and feel I am in the best shape I have ever been.

If you are ready for serious bodybuilding, my guide helps you understand how to build your own home gym without breaking the bank. In my opinion, a home gym is the best strategy to obtaining the fitness and body shape you crave.

Feel free to contact me info@garagegymlife.com, and be sure to say hi at my facebook!